Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I said goodbye to my twenties with a feast
that started off with beer,
fried pickles,
and burgers.
Then there were olives,
lamb meatballs,
roasted bone marrow with bacon jam on toast,
seared scallops and foie gras,
fried chicken roulade with biscuits,
lemon meringue pie,
and bourbon.
Lots of bourbon.
Luckily the restaurant where we ate dinner
had a room
with a bed,
which is where we passed out
with the TV on,
Friday Night Lights playing on Netflix.
When we got home
the next morning
we had biscuits and gravy and bacon.

I was hoping to have more to say about 30.
But really
it's the food I can't stop thinking about.
So I figured I'd write it down here
so I wouldn't forget.
Because your memory starts to go
once you're my age.