Monday, September 23, 2013

This week, and an eggplant omelet.

+ This Wednesday, September 25th, Murdo and I celebrate our three-year wedding anniversary. When special days like these come up, I can't help but stop and look around. I look back at where we came from, and forward to where we're going. And I get very, very excited.

+ Corduroy jackets, leggings, scarves and boots. Fall has arrived, with its bright blue skies and crisp breeze and apples and pumpkins and falling leaves. I think I fall more and more in love with this season every year.

+ I was sad to trim down my basil plants over the weekend. I filled a colander with the delicate summer leaves, washed and dried them, then whirred them in the food processor with garlic, oil and parmesan cheese. An ice tray filled with pesto currently sits in my freezer, waiting to be bagged up and enjoyed for the winter.

+ On Thursday, I leave for New York City. I'm visiting my friend Di, one of my favorite people who I've known since the first grade. We lived together for three years in college, and during the summer of 2004 we spent nearly every waking moment together, mostly eating and drinking and discussing where we were going to eat and drink next. I expect to do a lot of that this weekend.

+ I'm really excited to have a blog post featured over at Food52 today, in the Heirloom Recipes column. I shared one of my favorite Filipino dishes, tortang talong (or eggplant omelet), which my mom and dad just taught me how to cook a few weekends ago. I'm so grateful for parents who put up with my bizarre food blogging ways -- my mom, who would pause right before she added anything to the pan and ask, "Can I start cooking this or do you want to take a picture?" And my dad, who ran out to buy more eggplants when I realized I didn't have any "before" photos. They are the reason I love to cook and eat.

Head over to Food52 for the story and recipe. Have a great week!