About Me

Hi. I'm Jacqui. I'm a writer, a wife, and a mother. I've lived in Illinois my whole life until moving to Las Vegas in June 2020 with my husband, Murdo Thomas II, and our son, Murdo Scott II. Yes, they are both II. If this confuses you and would like it explained in cartoons, please click here (scroll down to Rule #5). We also have two cats, Marlo and Omar. Yes, like from The Wire.

I started this blog in 2008 as a space to write and share all the pictures of food I found myself taking. I was learning how to live on my own and cook for myself. Since then, Murdo and I got married, bought a house and had a kid. I developed a love of photography, both digital and film, and probably spent way too much money on both (no regrets). As life changed, this blog has changed. Now, in addition to food photos and recipes, I'd like to share stories and moments from my everyday. Of my two favorite things, family and home, and everything I'm learning along the way.

I am a Social Media & Community Manager for an international non profit volunteer organization. I like runny egg yolks, perfectly ripe avocados, journals, crystals, and paying attention to the cycles of the moon. This is my favorite song, by my favorite band, although this is my anthem for life.

I hope you like it here!