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Aaahh. What a great holiday Thanksgiving is.

the dinner table

This holiday may be all about the food, but the feasting is just half an hour of the entire day, spent pigging out and complimenting the dishes. The fun part is the kitchen time. Everyone helping out, cooking, prepping, anticipating.

There was just four of us, and everyone contributed to the meal. Our dinner consisted of simple, classic favorites. My parents cooked the turkey. Mom made the sweet potatoes and gravy, and Dad made the mashed potatoes. Jenny made the roasted cauliflower (drizzled with olive and lemon, a perfect refreshing side dish to balance out the rich casseroles) and the pumpkin ice cream pie (light and pumpkin-y). I was in charge of the stuffing and the fresh green bean casserole (topped with French fried onions, though the photo below shows the "naked" casserole).

the Thanksgiving bird
sweet potatoes
roasted lemon-y cauliflower
fresh green bean casserole

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Less than a month 'til Christmas...

getting the table and turkey ready
my Thanksgiving plate


  1. Looks amazing--every bit of it. Glad you had a good holiday! :)

  2. Your Thanksgiving looks like it was a smashing success! (I also agree with you that the best part of Thanksgiving is in the preparation) Your table was beautiful and that roasted cauliflower looked YUMMY!

  3. Joie de vivre - The roasted cauliflower was so simple and sooooo good! Definitely a keeper for next year. I might even make it again this WEEK!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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