Bloody Mary and I.

Before I get into the three-day feast that was Memorial Day weekend in Michigan, let's have a drink, shall we? Because nothing kicks off a mini-vacation like a Bloody Mary.

my bloody mary reads a book.
Early Saturday afternoon, my Bloody Mary and I decided to go for a walk.

my bloody mary takes in the view.

me and my bloody walk down the stairs

the casa

the dock

me and my bloody mary

spider web

me and my bloody mary
This is what summer is all about, folks.

Joe's Bloody Mary Recipe
Most of the Bloody Marys I drink in Michigan are made by our friend Joe, who appreciates the art of the Bloody Mary more than anyone. He's looking into making his own Bloody Mary mix, so if anyone has any recipes to try, please share!

2-2 1/2 shots of vodka
Your favorite Bloody Mary mix (Joe uses Master of Mixes -- the spicier, the better)
3-4 drops of Worcestershire sauce
Olive juice
1 lemon wedge
Celery salt

Possible garnishes:
My favorite part of Bloody Marys is the snack that comes in the drink. Murdo says I like a salad in my Bloody Marys. He's not too far off. If it fits in the glass, I'm all for it.

Green beans
Green olives
Pickled Brussels sprouts
Pickled mushrooms
Pickled anything, OK?

Fill pint glass with ice cubes. Add vodka, then fill the rest with Bloody Mary mix (keep in mind not to fill it to the brim if you plan on adding a salad to your drink). Add 3-4 drops of Worcestershire sauce and a splash of olive juice, along with the juice of 1 lemon wedge. Stir and top with celery salt. If using a mild mix, add 3-4 drops of hot sauce and cracked black pepper for kick. Garnish with whatever you want. And then, if possible, take your Bloody Mary for a walk and dip your toes in the lake.


  1. horseradish is absolutely crucial in bloody marys....

  2. i've never had horseradish in a bloody mary! i think i'd like it, though.


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