Rock Bottom, and I'll see ya later.

grilled salmon sandwich from rock bottom

I don't have much to say about these pictures, besides that they're of the grilled salmon sandwich and fried Caprese salad that I had at Rock Bottom last Friday after work, when all I wanted to do was sit outside and have a beer and a meal with Murdo.

I often play a game where I spy on the couples around us and try to guess who's on a first date, then determine whether or not the first date is going well or not. At the table next to us there was a guy with gelled hair and a black button-down shirt, asking the girl with him what her parents do for a living. Score. I tried to measure the awkwardness at the table, then got kind of bored, so Murdo and I proceeded to pretend that we were on a first date. That turned into about twenty minutes of us making up stuff about our own life. It was fun.

fried caprese salad from rock bottom

Anyway. The main point of this post is to tell you that I'm going on another trip! To San Francisco! To see my sister and my brother-in-law and this adorable kid:


And to eat. Oh how I'm gonna eat. I'll tell you all about when I get back. :)

Have a great rest of the week!