i suppose i don't have to remind anyone of this, but it's really rough out there. and by out there, i mean in life. and in work.

when in just four days, you find out that your cat is suffering from kidney failure and that someone very close to you just lost her job, you start to feel a bit hopeless. vulnerable to the heavy hand of nature and economy, which is throwing punches from every which way.

it's weeks like these when inspiration and motivation begins to deteriorate, and the only thing that seems to bring comfort is a pillow and, if you're lucky, a shoulder.

but if you lift your head up long enough and really look at the big picture, and everything and everyone around you, you start to realize:

strawberries in the garden!

It'll be OK. Really. It will.


  1. My strawberries! Thanks for the smile. :)

  2. Aw, big hug. Been thinking about you and Kitty. Hoping for the best and remembering the good things with you.

  3. I've been reminding myself of similar sentiments lately...Give your Kitty lots of snuggles and dive into projects that bring joy your way. Thanks for the charming photos too :)

  4. I'm going to visit Yah at the vet now. They should have the results from the blood tests back by now, keep your fingers crossed. Maybe we can have him home for the weekend. Nice post my love.

  5. j - just remember the strawberries. :)

    shanna - thank you so much!

    jen - i'm taking your advice and cooking lots this weekend, while spending time with our sick kitty.

    murdo - hi my.

    whitney - thanks! the vet said said he's never seen a kitty in his condition bounce back so quickly, if at all. he's a fighter, that cat, and knows he's loved.

    hannah - thank you! they're taken from the past few weekends spent with family.


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