this is me
wearing fingerless gloves
that my sister knit for me.
and she can paint, too.


  1. You're beginning to make me want to shoot with film, not just my digital. Now just to find a camera as fun as that one...

  2. :)

    And I gotta bake something for dad this weekend!

    I like how YOU allow everyone to enjoy your hobbies, to be inspired, to learn from, and to live vicariously through them.

    It allows people like me, to stay lazy and be grateful for the internet!

  3. Jacqui's sister: please start an Etsy where I can buy gloves like those. PLEASE!

  4. caitlin - i am so so thrilled that you decided to buy a 35mm. film is really something else. can't wait for you to see for yourself!

    jenny - aw, thanks. and while i'm geeking it out on the internet, you're out biking or baking or knitting or going on awesome road trips. so really, you're not lazy at all.

    shanna - yeah!


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