i still have to finish the roll of film
that goes along with my next food post.
but i'll give you a hint
while you're waiting:
it involves that lovely bird
sitting right up there.
(the weeds are just a bonus.)


  1. Perhaps the weeds are always a bonus... Love your site and am always inspired by the beautiful photographs.

  2. Julie's right my love. You certainly do take some beautiful photos. It seems your flowering tree shots from a couple posts ago were especially inspired. I wonder where that inspiration comes from. Huh. <3

  3. Ha - love the chicken shot. Can't wait to hear more! :)

  4. julie - hi! glad you like what you see and i have to say, your blog is quite inspiring, also. gorgeous shots and delicious food!

    murdo - love you.

    shanna - such a fun night! and such delicious chickens.

  5. If my weeds looked as beautiful and dreamy as in your shots, I wouldn't spend so much time getting rid of them :)

  6. nicole - ha! i'm sure weeds always look better when they're not in your yard. :) and thanks!


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