are we there yet?


  1. You know, I was actually enjoying the snow that we (finally!) got last night in D.C., until I saw your last photo. THAT LIGHT! I wish we could bottle it up in July and bathe in it come January.

  2. beautiful shots..but i can't skip over spring

  3. Ummm, no. Not even close. Way to tease. BUT, you and I ARE actually close to a weeks worth of summer. Only a month away!!! Yay!

  4. Maddie - July in a bottle. YES! I need this.

    Char - Thank you! And you're so right -- spring! I love spring! We don't get it very often around these parts, since Chicago often likes to skip from freezing to blazing hot, but when it does come, it's beautiful.

    MF - Yes! One month til Mexico! But just so you know, no fake identities allowed here. :)

    Dana - Amen.

  5. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing with me, glad to be here. All your pictures make me not hate winter quite as much.

  6. Olga - Thank you for your sweet comment! These pictures help me to remember that it's not always blizzards around here...


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