on saturday, we went to a greek restaurant
ate lots of lamb and seafood
and finished off the evening with blueberry pie and beatles rock band.
also, there have been muffins this week
with banana and chocolate chips.
we had one warm day at the start of the month
that involved much porch sitting.
and asparagus. there has been asparagus.

april is almost over! i'm ready for those may flowers...


  1. Jacqui - your photographs are amazing! I especially love the one of the asparagus. Your post also just reminded me of the banana chocolate chip muffins that you posted last summer... I had completely forgotten about those... yet I'm distinctly reminded of making them a few times when I first moved to Houston in July! So funny :o) Just thinking about the muffins I remember how lost I felt living here at first, but how at home I feel right now. It's good to be able to feel that difference. Thanks for the memory jolt :o)

  2. That asparagus looks delicious. It's not in season here yet, so it's horribly expensive, and I've also never cooked asparagus in my life, but your photo makes me want to go out and buy some. I love the focus in the second to last photo.

  3. Mmmm....Greek food. Sounds like a great week in food! Lovely pictures :)

  4. All the pictures with hands in the frame are my favorite—they feel so personal. Your words, too: so simple, and so wonderfully personal. Happy spring, Jacqui.

  5. Your photos are divine. That asparagus picture just makes me ache -- it's so gorgeous. I can't wait for May, too!


    and I am so excited it's grilling season.

  7. all of that looks gloriously wonderful

  8. Linnea - Oh thank you for your sweet comment about the photos! that means a lot to me coming from a pro like you. :) And I love that those muffins can bring you such happy feelings of home. You should make them again soon!

    Anne - I love asparagus! Our local farmer's market opens this weekend and I hope I can get my hands on more. Thanks for your nice words!

    Nicole - Yes, the Greeks certainly know how to eat. Thank you!

    Maddie - Happy spring back to you! The sun is actually out today! :) I love taking photos of hands -- they tell such a great story without even knowing it.

    Stephanie - Thank you! I don't blame you for being excited about May ... aren't you going on vacation soon? :)

    Boodle - Oh me too. We've only gotten a warm day here and there so far, but when we do, the grill is fired up!

    Char - Thank you! Here's to a gloriously wonderful May.

  9. i need a good banana chocolate muffin recipe please share :)

  10. LetMeEatCake - Oops I meant to post the link! Recipe here. I'm making them again this weekend! :)


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