Thanks for the bacon jam!

I have not been cooking much lately. And by lately, I mean for weeks. Months, even. I've been microwaving a lot, and assembling sandwiches, but even that second part is a lie because Murdo has been assembling sandwiches, and I've just been eating them. The inspiration to cook anything new just hasn't been striking, even with all the vegetables and fruits coming into season. The most creative I get in the kitchen nowadays involves me standing in front of the open fridge, wondering what to spread on this sleeve of crackers. The other day, it was spicy mustard. Before that, kimchi. I keep telling myself this rut will pass. I hope I'm right.

Until then, I'm perfectly happy pigging out on other people's delicious creations, and sharing them with you. For example, bacon jam.

A few weeks ago, our friends Nolan and Catie had us over for a barbecue. There were pulled pork sandwiches, with pork that had been slowly smoking overnight in Nolan's garage.

smoked pork
summer on a plate

There were baked beans, cooked under the smoker so that the pork fat dripped onto the beans and when you took a bite, it was so rich and flavorful that one bite was enough, really, to know that they were the best beans ever.


There was homemade blue cheese coleslaw and tomatillo salsa. Cheese, prosciutto, crackers. And bacon jam.

bacon jam!

The bacon jam wasn't really jam consistency, but more like a thick spread, with hits of salty bacon that told you yes, you're spreading bacon on a cracker, with a hint of sweetness that kept you coming back for more. I do like bacon jam. And they're much better on crackers than kimchi.

You can find the recipe that Catie used here. Thanks for the awesome food and hospitality, guys!


  1. Ohhh my goodness, that BBQ looks AMAZING! Zac & I are planning to go to Austin next weekend, and I hope we can find some great Texas BBQ there... I was reading about a place called Franklin's (I think)... so maybe we'll go there! I think I have been experiencing somewhat of the same food rut... my go-to meal has been hard boiled eggs with cholula. Meanwhile, I talk to Zac on the phone and he's making mushroom risotto. "Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?!" he joked :o) I hope you've had a great weekend, Jacqui!!

  2. Oh goodness, that spread looks fantastic. Your friends know how to host a dinner, eh? It's been tough staying inspired to cook when the busy-ness of life gets in the way, but I'm trying to keep things moving. And those beans! They look like they're made with love.

    As for bacon jam, count me in.

  3. The jam looks really interesting, but what I'm really pining for is the pulled pork. I said I was going to take the plunge into pulled pork making this summer, but haven't tried it yet.

  4. i am also in a rut, and it is also usually the gentleman friend who does the cooking for me nowadays.

    bacon jam is something that i've always wanted to make and i am jealous that you've chowed on it.

  5. What a delicious spread! I bought some bacon jam from Foodzie and I fully intend on making some sort of bacon jam BLT, very soon. I bet it's wonderful on crackers, too. The cooking bug will come back :)

  6. Glad you had a great time Jacqui! We need to do it more often for sure. The pictures look fantastic!

  7. Linnea - Eggs and hot sauce sounds like my kind of meal. :) Hope you have a great time in Austin -- I'm jealous you get some real Texas barbecue!

    Stephanie - The thing is, I'm not even that busy! Just lazy and uninspired, I guess. I'm getting back into it, though, slowly!

    Dana - I know, pulled pork has been on my to-make list for months now. Such a sloppy, delicious mess, and it's supposed to be so easy!

    Lan - Your gentleman friend sounds like a keeper! :)

    Nicole - Bacon jam BLT? Awesome.

    Ryan - Thanks again, man! You two are awesome cooks!

  8. I haven't been cooking much either. In fact, the only reason I've been somewhat busy on my blog is because I've got a vegetable garden and posting about that. I figure that it's my food blog and I'll post whatever I want on it! And summer is a time to eat food fresh in their natural state--no cooking required.

  9. Jen - Oh I wish I could grow a vegetable garden! Maybe someday. :) And I agree with you on the summer veggies -- so good in their simplest form.

  10. You just slayed me with this post. Everything look SO good -- and bacony! Pork is nature's candy. :)


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