love in the city
pepperoni + giardiniera

i felt the urge to shoot some film
but i couldn't find a single roll
in the house.
i need to change this.


  1. You can even make a big sloppy slice of pizza look pretty. Well done :)

  2. My problem is that I have way too many rolls. I think it's time to change that. Haha

  3. Love the lemon photo. Makes me miss your 365 :(

  4. gorgeous, as always.

    the crust on that bottom slice of pizza? YUM.

  5. You make everything look so pretty -- the lemons, the strawberries, the light glinting off the water. How do you do that? (Sort of a rhetorical question...but sort of not.)

  6. Nicole - Thank you! And that sloppy pizza was delicious!

    The Happ Space - No such thing as too much film. ;)

    Jenny - I miss 365 sometimes, too! I'll do it again some year.

    Shanna - Thanks for your sweet comment, as always. That pizza is pepperoni + giardiniara from Piece in Chicago. Yum.

    Maddie - Thank you so much! And really, I have no idea. Just looking for good light and simple subjects.


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