Last week, I made soup with butternut squash 
and completely gave in to fall.
It gets tough living in denial
that summer is gone
when all around there are trees ablaze with color
against bright blue skies.


  1. pretty, pretty, pretty! I know what you mean about letting summer go, but I always find myself smiling around this time of year because dreariness hasn't yet set in, and it's all about pumpkins and soup and pretty light. Happy fall, my friend!

  2. What a gorgeous photo! Let's celebrate autumn.

  3. Lovely. That last shot is absolutely stunning.

  4. Megan - Yes, I just recently learned to love fall, also. The leaves are falling, though, and the trees are going bare, which means the dreariness is on its way! :(

    Dana - It's such a beautiful time of year.

    Nicole - Thank you!

    Meg - Me too. And thanks!

    Ashley - That was taken in Michigan, from the boat, on a gorgeous 80-degree day. I never want to forget days like those. Thanks for your sweet comment!


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