almost Film Friday.




Some scenes from December
that involved homemade pizza
and cinnamon buns.
Tonight, there was chicken in the slow cooker
topped with biscuits.
Right now, there is a fire.
Tomorrow, a snow storm.
This weekend, I'll make corn chowder
with the fresh sweet corn we froze
over the summer.
It seems so far away.
But Friday is close
and that's good enough for now.


  1. What is it about homemade pizza and cinnamon buns straight from the oven?! Good luck with the chowder this weekend. Hope it keeps you toasty! It seems winter has finally arrived here in Boston ...

  2. You froze corn? You're even smarter than I thought. Nice shots, Jacqui. First and last ones, especially. xo.

  3. A homemade pizza night sounds so fun. Love these shots, especially the one of your dad at the table.

  4. A Plum By Any Other Name - Anything straight from the oven just spells pure comfort! Winter has finally arrived here in Chicago, too. Cold and snowy - perfect for soups and chowders!

    Jess - Oh yes. Murdo's dad picked the ears straight from the farm, and I stripped, blanched and froze them right away with winter chowder on the brain! And thank you for your sweet comment, friend.

    NicoleD - Happy weekend to you!

    Shanna - It is. My friend Marli made the dough and gave me the recipe, so I'll have to give it a go on my own sometime. Thanks and hope you're staying warm in Nashville... ;)


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