Real blogging.

Things I think about lately when it comes to my blog:
  • I don't feel like writing. Or cooking. Or taking photos.
  • I can't believe I took a day trip to Madison and didn't take my camera out once.
  • This cilantro-onion mix is crucial to taco night. Do I blog about it? What's to blog about? It's cilantro and onions, chopped finely and mixed together with fresh lime juice. 
  • Why do I need to post a recipe, anyway?
  • I would take photos around the house, but god this house is a mess. And it doesn't look like how I want it to. 
  • It's too dark to take pictures of food. 
  • I need pretty pictures to blog. 
  • I need a recipe to post. 
  • Is this still technically a food blog? Does it have to be? Do I want it to be?
  • There was that chicken paprikash I made. Three months ago. 
  • I want to blog real life. Real meals. Where I live. What I eat. Not a gussied up piece of what I think my life should be like and what I think I should be eating and blogging because that's what other bloggers are eating and blogging. Not just a corner of the table where I've cleared the bills and papers and mess out of the way, laid out a pretty towel and a plateful of food so I can take a picture of only what I want you to see rather than what's really there. 
  • Truth: We use Taco Bell seasoning on our taco meat. 
  • There I go, talking about tacos again. We've been eating a lot of tacos. No one wants to hear about tacos.
  • I'm been playing a lot of Scramble on my iPhone instead of writing.
  • Maybe my iPhone can help me start writing again. And taking photos again. And making things again. 
  • I downloaded the following apps in the last three days in hopes that my iPhone can help me to be more creative instead of sucking the creativity out of me: Evernote, Evernote Food, Houzz, Pepperplate, Buy Me a Pie
  • I know they are not the answer. 
  • I will find one, and I'll be back here. 

And now, a picture of tacos. Taken with my iPhone. 


  1. I am always happy to hear about your tacos. Or about your anything. Just get writing, lady! xo.

    1. Thanks, friend. Your daily posts gave me the kick I needed.

  2. I'm with Jess. I just like getting to see your life. Always good to hear you!

  3. I nodded with so many of these. Maybe not about having a food blog, but I've been so "meh" about my own lately as well. Just write whatever you need to. It's YOUR blog.
    And kudos to using the Taco Bell seasoning! We use that too - for LOTS of stuff. Love it. And of course you could post about the cilantro-onion mix! Take a few photos. Make the cilantro "work it" ;)

    1. Agh so glad to hear we're not the only ones who use Taco Bell seasoning, ha! I've mentioned to Murdo we should try making our own but he likes what he likes and there's no going around it. Thanks for your sweet comment, it's good to know that I'm not alone in this. :)

  4. Sometimes, we just need a vacation. A break from the routine. A time to unwind and re-energize ourselves. Leave the technologies, and all the social media behind. Be with friends and family. Don't come back until you are bursting with the desire to blog - then you'll find joy again in what you do. Bless.

    1. Yes, yes, yes. I'd rather have silence on the blog then put something that's forced, or write when I don't want to. Thank you!

  5. I agree completely...except for not wanting to hear about tacos. They look really good!

  6. With every bullet point, I nodded and uttered 'Mmm hmmm', and some of them I almost did a virtual fist in the air over; this is me, exactly what's in my mind about me, my blog and how I want to portray my life and the way that we eat and enjoy. This simple little meal seems so unworthy of a blog post, as I gaze down at the glorious dish in front of me, and it's dark and cold and really, just because I love it so, does that mean anyone else will care? It's so simple. But it feels so hard.

    Thank you for reaching in to my mind and removing all the muck. I'm so glad someone had this clarity.

    1. We're all in this together, right? That's what I like to think. It's why I can't leave this space, ever.

  7. 1. I want to hear about tacos. They were a pretty regular part of my childhood dinners, and I NEVER make them! Like, never ever!
    2. This. Everything. That. You. Said.

    I have struggled so many times with the self-dialog of "I should blog more" "I should take better photos" "I should just take more photos" "I post too many photos" "What I write about isn't interesting" "I only write about things that make me sound more interesting" etc etc etc.

    That's the beauty of a personal blog can be whatever you want it to be, and it can change as often as you want. Remember when Shanna and I both blogged about personal finance? It feels like a lifetime ago now, though it was only a few years ago. These days, I describe my blog as a "lifestyle" blog, a jumble of whatever I happen to be working (or not working) on, or what I'm interested in at the time. I get especially annoyed with myself when awesome things are happening, but I'm not sharing them, or when a conference is coming up, and I have only written on average once a month for several months. But you know what? When I'm not blogging, I'm living life, relaxing and enjoying and just being. And I bet you are too :)

    We are too hard on ourselves -- it's not about the loveliest pictures or the cleanest house. And it's not about the appropriately messy messes and the "realness" that peeks out in the corners of our pictures. It's about sharing when and where we want to, and knowing the community is there to share it with.


    1. Kim:
      1. You should make tacos. Like, every week. We do.
      2. Thank you.
      3. I agree, we are too hard on ourselves. I think because there are so, so many great blogs out there, it can be tough (intimidating) to try to live up to them. But that's why it's important to stop comparing and just do what makes you feel happy. Right? :)

  8. I couldn't agree more when you say "I take pictures of food because I love food. I love what food says about who we are and the people we share our meals with."

    1. High fives to that. Thank you for saying so!


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