This year.

This year, there will be more photos.
More house projects. More paint. More new furniture.
More family.
This year, we will start a garden.
We will go on vacation. Somewhere.
I will drink more water, and read more books, and take more photos.
There will be more meals like this one: a pork shoulder braised in the oven with tomatoes and red wine.
A gathering around the table. A baby bouncing on someone's leg. A board game to end the evening.
There will be more of the same. And every day, so much new.


  1. here's to new things in 2013!.
    um. there was one line in there that has me all joyful joyful but i don't know for sure so i will just say that i'm looking fwd to seeing how the year unfolds, for us all.

    1. Happy New Year, Lan! Just to be clear: I am not pregnant! Haha! My sister-in-law is expecting a baby boy in April. Another nephew for me! But yes, here's to another new, exciting year. :)

  2. I came down here to say YES! I love the understated way you are powerfully saying hopes and plans for the new year!

    but then I read Lan's comment and got all distracted cracking up. Not pregnant YET anyway... hahahaha... who knows what 2013 could bring. OK, I'm just kidding. Sort of.

    How cute will your future (way in the future) child be!! : )

    1. OK you are starting to sound like my parents! ;) Waaaaay in the future is right -- I'm having fun being an aunt right now!

  3. that last line made me want to cry. beautiful!


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