Weekend: Parks + waffles.

We explored a new park, tried a new pizza place, went to bed way too late.  I had corned beef hash for breakfast on Saturday, and waffles on Sunday, per little M's request after we ate chicken and waffles on Friday. I had possibly the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever eaten. Coloring outside on the back patio is a new morning activity, as we try to cut back on weekend TV. The playgrounds are finally open in our neighborhood, so I took little M out before dinner tonight. He made fast friends with another 5-year-old, and it felt so good to see him running around with other kids. 

I rearranged my office / kindergarten classroom slightly over the weekend, moving books and drawers around, trying to keep the room functional and still spacious, for when M is doing his "Count to 100" song during math and running around in circles, or when he's sprawled out on the yoga mat surrounded by books and pillows during free reading time. I stood at the doorway, staring at the space, becoming very aware of just how bizarre the situation is - my son having kindergarten class from home, through a computer screen, because of a virus. It's become our everyday, and I try not to think about it too much, but sometimes, when I do, it doesn't even feel possible. 

We've been living here for four months. That doesn't seem possible, either. Four months sounds so short. It reminds me to be gentle with myself, to take it slowly, to be patient. Things will continue to fall into place at the right time. Right now, I'll continue to explore this city - feeling like a stranger in what is now my home, but trusting that the feeling will pass.