At home: Breakfast.

scrambled eggs, bagel, fruit salad

Have I told you how much I love love love breakfast? And not just any breakfast. Cold cereal is too empty and boring for me. Oatmeal does the trick on a weekday morning, on a day when I forget to bring a bagel or hard boiled egg and must resort to a packet of the instant stuff, but it always lacks that comfort quality for me. And sweets for breakfast? Absolutely not. My sweet tooth, the tiny one that I have, doesn't usually kick in until after lunch. I might make an exception for a cinnamon roll, but I'd sooner eat beef jerky for breakfast than a doughnut or coffee cake. Not that I've ever eaten beef jerky for breakfast or anything...

egg sandwich

No, I eat eggs for breakfast (big surprise there). Whether scrambled with tomatoes and onions the way my dad cooks them, or flipped into a perfect omelet, or fried over-easy over anything, a hearty plate of eggs really makes for a happy start to the day.

french toast toppings

And as long as eggs are involved, the sweet stuff suddenly becomes OK. French toast with omelets? Bring it on. Banana bread topped with a poached egg? Sounds great. A generous side of fruit with my scrambled eggs? Perfect.

french toast
omelets and french toast.
poached egg over banana bread with fruit salad

On a side not, can I say something about the above plate? The one with the brown flowers along the edges. Is it just me, or has every household had this exact same plate at some point? My family doesn't use them anymore, but I managed to dig one up for this picture. I kind of want to take the whole set from my mom, just to keep them alive.

omelet prep

Anyway. My parents' house is probably my favorite place to prepare breakfast. They always have plenty of eggs on hand, with a variety of foods to accompany them -- cooked rice, or veggies for an omelet, or bread. I love exploring their fridge in the morning and finding something new to eat. When I was there a couple of weeks ago, my mom made a big bowl of fruit salad that lasted days. She also made lots of omelets.

cooking the veggie omelet

Her omelet-making method is different than mine; she combines the scrambled eggs and veggies to the pan, then slides it onto a plate when the bottom has set and flips it back over into the pan to cook the other side. This method is way too complicated for me. But the results are colorful and tasty.

veggie omelet with fruit salad

Are you sick of me gushing over eggs yet? I'm sorry. Kind of. But not really.


  1. OK, YUM. I had banana bread for breakfast and am currently eating tacos for lunch at my work desk (yes, working on a Sunday - thankfully very rare), but I still want all the things in your pictures.

    About the plates - love them. I've gotten really into vintage cookware lately (my Pyrex bowls are the best!). There's something cool about cooking with something someone else cooked with (or ate off of).

  2. hey jac, this is completely off topic but i have a question to ask you... Recently i have started to develop an unhealthy obsession with fish sauce. what is the best brand???

  3. shanna - i love that those plates have a vintage-y feel to them, but even more because i grew up with them and they remind me of home. :) i also have an old soup bowl i grew up with that i use for lunch at work. (but never on a sunday!!!)

    ryan - well, my mom uses this stuff. i couldn't find it at asian store, though, so i use this stuff. honestly, i can't even tell a difference.

    what do you make with fish sauce?

  4. I have been putting it on a lot of stuff recently... I use it in place of salt in a lot of things. My favorite use lately has been mixing it with vinegar, black pepper and chili garlic sauce and serving pelmeni with that. Pelmeni are Russian style dumplings that my friend from Ukraine brings me from this Russian store in Ohio. I got some fish sauce that was just ok, but I still eat it. I think the local thai place, the thai house, makes their own. Either way, it's amazingly delicious. Not too fishy smelling but excellent complex flavor. I was reading online and it seems a lot of people like the three crabs brand. I'll have to search some out or maybe order it online. Speaking of ordering stuff online.. I got a jar of these at this art show in chicago and they are probably the best thing ever. You must be thinking, how can I eat whole cloves of garlic??? I don't know how but something in the pickling process removes the over the top garlicy-ness and just leaves a delicious sweetness.

  5. ryan - i think it's awesome that you're into fish sauce. we call it patis in my house, and murdo actually prefers that i call it patis because he thinks fish sauce sounds gross. anyway, its flavor alone is a bit too salty for my tastes, but i've never tried mixing it with vinegar or other sauces to use as a dipping sauce. very interesting...

    oh and eating whole cloves of garlic? i can totally see that. don't you just love pickled stuff?

  6. I love breakfast! And I love eggs too! :) So, no, I'm not tired of hearing about them ;) Lovely omelet!

    Nice patis dipping sauce - patis, kalamansi, and crushed sili labuyo (birds eye chili)...yum!

  7. chichajo - awww i'm so glad you're not sick of egg posts! because there's many more to come...


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