Chorizo stuffed peppers.

topless red pepper

We eat a lot of ground beef around here. Chili, shepherd's pies, menudo, tacos. It's easy, it's filling, and because Murdo's dad is a farmer and gets about half a cow's worth of beef every year, it's free. (Thanks, Big Murdo.)

But sometimes, ground beef is just plain boring. We're down to our last pound in the freezer, and while I could've used it for these stuffed peppers on Thursday night, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Because then it would be like everything else I cook. And I don't want to bore you.

I was determined to make stuffed peppers, though. I had all this leftover cooked rice, and I had these peppers, and...well, stuffed peppers just made sense. So I sent Murdo to the store to get some chorizo. And Murdo, being the chorizo-lovin' fool that he is, didn't argue.

chorizo stuffing for peppers

Ahhh, chorizo. So vibrant and flavorful. How can any chorizo dish be boring? It's even fun to say. Chorizo. Chorizo. Chor-eeeeee-zo.

Anyway. I browned the chorizo just as I would ground beef, and added onions, garlic, the chopped tops of the peppers, spinach, and cooked rice. Meanwhile, my peppers were swimming in boiling water for about five minutes. When all was said and done, I stuffed the peppers (two green and one red) with the chorizo mixture and popped them in the oven for about half an hour.

I also made guacamole. Just for the hell of it.

i made guacamole.

Now usually when I make stuffed peppers, I just cut off the tops of the peppers and stuff them whole, then cut them in half before serving. But after this round, I've decided to start cutting them in half before stuffing them. I think I can get a lot more stuffing in that way. And top with more cheese.

stuffed peppers with chorizo, rice, and spinach

Murdo actually ate the leftovers the next night. And styled his plate all by himself:

leftover stuffed peppers

I love it. I'm always afraid some people just get impatient when I'm taking pictures of cooking and food. But instead, they often suggest adding certain ingredients for color, or arrange the food just so, or just sit back patiently. Especially Murdo. (But he does get mad when I curse at my camera at the dinner table. I guess that is kind of rude. Sorry.)

Still. It proves that there's a little foodie in all of us.