warm and cozy.
instead of snow on christmas
there was ice.
thank goodness for
the lights, fire, and warmth


  1. AH! Gorgeous! The second one especially - so crystal clear with the ice on the branches. Love it.

  2. Love this!! So much talent and beauty shown here :)

  3. I <3 bokeh :) We had ice too, while I was in South Bend. Fired up the woodburning stove anyway. Driving back up to Oshkosh in the snow made it that much more like Christmas to me though. I'm glad your Christmas was good!

  4. shanna - that ice was crazy. and then the next day, it snowed. go figure, right?

    jen - hi, and thank you! that means a lot to me coming from a photography teacher! :)

    kim - as the holidays should be. thanks!

    caitlin - oh, bokeh. i'm trying to figure it out on my new camera and failing miserably. the minolta is so much easier to operate!


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