when it's cold outside
i stay in
and take lots of pictures
of stuff i look at and see and use and pass by
every day.


  1. I do that too. By the way, your home looks wonderfully cozy.

  2. glad i'm not the only one. :) and thank you!

  3. Wow Jacqui. That last picture...there's just something to it. I guess it's probably something only you and I can truly appreciate it, but I think that picture says so much about us. Talk about being worth a thousand words, that picture just seems transparent to me. I'd be willing to bet anyone visiting this site can picture who's side is who's in that wonderfully cozy bed. I also think part of ourselves, maybe our favorite parts of ourselves, are there all day everyday, waiting for us to come back and make that scene complete. I love you.

  4. OOPS. I posted as Jacqui in the previous comment. Sorry everyone and sorry my love.



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