i've been trying to write a post
about meatloaf
for weeks now
but the words just won't come.
so instead,
you get some pictures of fruit.
hope you don't mind.


  1. I was just thinking tonight how much I love fruit. I think it was while I ate an orange, outside, the breeze blowing, on this sunny afternoon. Nothing better.

  2. I definitely don't mind. In this weather, I think I could live on fruit. Fruit and lemonade.

  3. i don't mind at all - beautiful

  4. shanna - i've finally learned how to love fruit! now i just have to learn how to determine if they're ripe or not. i do not love unripe fruit.

    caitlin - oooh lemonade! now i want lemonade. :)

    char - thank you!


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