these were taken last month
at my parents' house.
this particular roll of film
(fuji pro 400h)
may have lasted more than a month
and i almost struggled to finish it.
but in the end
i kind of fell in love
with that color and grain.


  1. they are so beautiful! =)
    I think I fell in love with the colours and grain too..

  2. Oooh, wax pencils! Love those. Lovely photos, as ever.

  3. Gorgeous captures of the comforts of home. You've inspired me to tackle my apprehension of using my new Diana F+. Working with film is such a different world...

  4. Great shots, I love the film quality too. I found your blog via food loves writing; I just couldn't resist clicking on your link because we spell our name the same way.

  5. inna - thank you! and yeah, it's kinda hard not to fall hard...

    darby o'shea - thanks! that's my mom's wax pencil she uses for sewing -- a talent i do NOT possess!

    shanna - roll purchased from p.j.'s! man i love that place.

    jenious - oh do it do it do it! film can be intimidating at first, but once you get that first amazing roll back, you'll be hooked. :) please be sure to share your photos!

    jacqui - so glad you found me thru shanna (isn't her blog great?!), and so glad to find another -qui girl. we rock.


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