+ i'm getting married one month from today.
+ i made roasted broccoli with shrimp twice last week.
+ i also cried over wedding centerpieces. i'm ok now.
+ right now, there is tomato soup bubbling on the stove.
+ i also made meat loaf.
+ honey cafe's macaroni and cheese is amazing.
+ there are 12 ears of corn on my kitchen counter.
+ pancit is my favorite pot luck dish.
+ i also baked a cake.
+ i picked up my wedding dress from the seamstress today.
+ good night.


  1. Ahhhh how in the world can it only be a month away now? I'm truly excited. Here's to a happy 31 days ahead, and the big big day they're leading up to.

  2. eek - it's getting to the fun, exciting, hectic part!

    gorgeous shots

  3. What a freaking awesome month you've had. I am bookmarking this post because there is so much about it that I want to try.

    PS - the word verification phrase for this comment is "wedehypo" -- seems about right somehow. :)

  4. shanna - and here's another happy birthday to you, a week later!

    char - thank you! fun, exciting, hectic -- yes, all of those. mostly just hectic, though.

    kim - everything about your comment makes me smile. :)


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