playa del carmen.

i've been looking into honeymoon destinations.
it's making me miss mexico.


  1. I miss Mexico too. : ( Can't wait for honeymoons though!

  2. My coworker is planning a wedding too, and it sounds, er, just a wee bit stressful. But it looks like honeymoon planning is much more relaxing. :) Enjoy it!

  3. I'm in Mexico right now, far away from the sea, into the desert, I eat avocado all the time, any reason, I eat it : P
    My baby girl is happy and enjoying sun, light and nice breeze.
    Mexico is magic!

    Lovely photos : )

  4. By the way... I spent my honeymoon in Portugal : )

  5. murdo - we're almost there!

    maddie - thank you! yes, honeymoon planning is definitely less stressful, and dreaming of beaches is far more relaxing than freaking out about what could possibly go wrong at the wedding. i'm excited for both, though. of course.

    190.arch - sounds like you and your family are having fun! yay! i had an open face avocado sandwich for lunch today and decided i could eat avocados every day for the rest of my life!

  6. Countdown, Jacqui :) We're researching honeymoons as well, but in Ireland. Eventually. :P

  7. caitlin - ireland!!! i would love to go to europe for our honeymoon, but mexico is more our price range. ireland is on our must-visit list, though!


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