Film Friday, and some inspiration.

All photos taken with a Canon A-1 with Fuji Pro 400H film

+ I recently discovered Ashley's blog, Not Without Salt, and especially liked her Film Fridays series. Not only because I love film, and because she shoots most of her film with a Canon A-1 (which I got my hands on months ago but only just started using, only to find out that there's something wrong with the circuits that drains the battery after just a roll and half of film, so I guess that's it for that), but also because her photography is just so beautiful. Take a look for yourself.

+ When I commented on Ashley's blog to gush and to ask for any tips, she responded with a link to Jonathan Canlas' work, including his e-book. I read it, and realized I know nothing about film or photography, and fell even more in love with film.

+ The photos above are from a photo walk I took at the Morton Arboretum with Maddie last Saturday. Maddie just recently moved (back) to Chicago and is getting (back) into film. Her blog makes me appreciate the little things that make a house or a condo or an apartment a home. It was great to meet her, and to talk with her about cameras and light meters and home and jobs and the Midwest and zombie TV shows and soup. And film.

+ Two weekends ago, I attended Shanna's wedding. I remember meeting Shanna for lunches when she still lived in Chicago, when I was planning my own wedding, and telling her all the little details that were both stressing me out and exciting me at the same time. When she got engaged, I was so thrilled for her, because I knew all the good stuff she was in for. Her wedding day was beautiful, and I still can't believe she managed to plan it all from a different state, in a matter of months, during which she also moved into a new home and redesigned her blog. A constant inspiration, and I wish her and Tim the best, best, best.

Happy Friday, all!


  1. Jacqui, your photos turned out so well! Gorgeous. I had to laugh at the first one, though, where I'm struggling to load my film and quite possibly about to throw my Yashica across an open field, where it would have potentially hit a zombie.

    SO NICE to meet you last week! You are a lovely, talented person, and I foresee many photowalks in our future.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I loved the Morton Arboretum when I was growing up. My grandfather taught me how to drive there when I was 13 :)

  3. Jacqui! You are one of the most gracious people I've ever known, you really are. Thank you for not only coming to our wedding but also photographing it (so freaking well!) and celebrating with us and being happy for us and advising me that first week when wedding planning began. I am so jealous of your and Maddie's trip to the arboretum because I love both of your writings so much and I love the arboretum and I wish I could spend a fall afternoon photographing with you both. Sigh. Thanks for this happy post. I'm so glad I still have your blog to come to.

  4. Maddie - What a great day. I love that zombies were involved. And hooray for getting that film to load! Oh film. You are tricky, but so worth it.

    Vicki - Ha! I'll remember to watch out for 13-year-olds behind the wheel next time I'm there. :) And thank you!

    Shanna - You're so nice. I miss our chats. You are going to love married life.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love Not Without Salt too :)

  6. I wanted to say that your photos from Shannalee's wedding are BEAUTIFUL. Don't sell yourself short--you know TONS about photography--but we can always learn and I think it's admirable that you are seeking to learn!

  7. ChichaJo - Thank you! And yes - Ashley is so talented.

    Jen - Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I don't know about TONS, but I do know I love it, and that's enough to keep me going. Sooooo much to learn! :)

  8. J, you are the sweetest. Your photos are stunning. I haven't picked up my film camera in about a month now and I'm itchy. I miss the vivid color, the depth and the sound of the interior mechanics clicking with each shot. I miss the necessity for the slide in order for the film to advance and I miss that film forces me to slow down.
    Thanks for this.

  9. Thank you, Ashley! Grab your camera. It misses you, too. :)


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