Journals and waffles.

I wanted to write about waffles today, but the words just wouldn't come, which is pretty often the case whenever I sit down to write a post. So I got up from the computer, walked upstairs to the old red dresser in our living room, the one that belonged to Murdo's grandma and which is home to about 10 junk drawers, to find a pile of journals. Maybe if I couldn't type the words onto the screen, I could scribble them into a journal.

As it turned out, I didn't have anything to write about waffles in my journal, either. But the words still came, ramblings about this and that tumbling out, like a sigh of relief as I made sense of the thoughts in my head.

I used to do that on a more regular basis -- put pen to paper and just let the thoughts turn into words, like magic. There is something about writing in a journal that makes writing more about just getting the thoughts onto the page and less about crafting sentences that other people will read. When I write in a journal, I can close the cover and maybe never read those words again, but still feel a sense of satisfaction from the filled pages and the cramped hand. I can still feel a slight callus on my left ring finger, just below the finger nail, developed from writing constantly, and it makes me feel almost proud. It's not as inky or prominent as it once was, but it's still there -- the mark of a writer that has become a permanent, physical part of me.

So today, I don't have much to say about these waffles, other than I bought a waffle maker a few weeks ago after I had a craving for pancakes and had asked Murdo if he liked pancakes and he told me he likes waffles better. And when I casually mentioned to his mother that I was thinking about buying a waffle maker and she told me, "Fried eggs are great on waffles," well, I was sold. Here are the pictures of my first batch, and a link to the recipe for Waffles of Insane Greatness, which I found through Orangette and which is such a simple, solid recipe that there is no need to look for another.

Hm. I guess I did have a few things to say about waffles, after all. Also, here is a poem I wrote on the first page of my neon orange spiral-bound journal on August 3, 2001, when I was 17 years old.

many kinds of laughs.
there's the short,
polite ones.
someone just said something
laugh, or there'll be that
awkward silence.
laugh, or you'll feel
laugh, or the other
person will feel
there are the go-along ones.
everyone else is laughing.
what's so funny?
i don't really
get it.
i don't know what that
word means.
i don't know who that
person is.
but laugh anyway.
there the silent laughs.
the ones that
can't stop laughing
look at the other person
and laugh harder.
'til your sides are
in pain.
'til there's tears
streaming down.
'til you look like an
laugh some more.
it feels good.
yeah. i like those ones
the best.


  1. Love this post. Love the photos and the thoughts and the writing in a journal. I know I've told you this before, but those pictures up by your dining table? So perfect.

    1. Thanks! You're nice. I love looking at those photos while I cook.

  2. A waffle maker! Congrats. I don't make waffles nearly enough, but I do love them. And if you're willing to venture from that great recipe, I have a recipe for brown sugar bacon waffles and beer waffles that are my faves. My husband prefers waffles to pancakes, too. Why didn't I ever think to put an egg on them? I enjoyed reading your words, Jacqui, and there really is no substitute for pen or pencil to paper.

    1. Yes to brown sugar bacon and beer. I think this is a solid basic waffle recipe, but I'm always happy to add bacon! The beer one sounds interesting but I'm not one to turn down beer, even in waffles. :) The egg thing is genius.

  3. This post paints such a serene picture. My wordpress dashboard has become my journal but I miss a leather bound book and a sharp pencil.

    1. You should really get back into journaling -- I don't think you'll regret it!

  4. Jacqui,
    I can tell we would get along-- laughing until I cry and looking like an idiot is my favorite : )
    p.s. Thanks for stopping by today. I'm so thankful for people who understand the importance of blogging/journaling/connecting-- whatever you want to call it!

    1. I look so silly when I laugh -- red face and tears streaming down -- but I love it. Thank you for stopping by, also!

  5. I often feel the desire/need to write, but when I sit down at my computer - nothing. I should get back to simply rambling in my journals - for some reason it seems less pressuring.

    Eggs on waffles, eh? Never heard of that. Though I'd never heard of the whole waffles and fried chicken fad until last year either.

    1. Something about typing on the screen makes me feel like I'm working sometimes. A journal can feel more relaxing, for sure, like I'm just getting my thoughts down without worrying about how they read. And yes, eggs on waffles! I had never heard of it until my mother in law mentioned it, and now it just seems genius to me. But I like eggs on everything. I also love fried chicken. :)


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