Cabbage, carrots, and a pork chop.

Even though I had already proven to myself that I could successfully cook a juicy pork chop, I was still a bit intimidated by this other white meat. Last time, there was a sauce to mask any hint of dryness. This time, aside from a dry rub of salt, pepper, and roasted garlic flakes, the chop would be naked.

browning the chop

Since Murdo started student teaching and is spending most nights in Plainfield, I've been cooking a lot of meals for one lately. In other words, I've been eating a lot of leftovers, fried rice, and simple slap-together dinners. But I decided that since I have all this meat and fish in my freezer -- the results of a sale in the meat section and an enthusiastic me returning home, ripping open the packages, and wrapping and labeling each individual cut for easy dinners-for-one -- I should probably, you know, eat some of it. Can you believe it? I actually planned ahead. I even defrosted the pork chop in the fridge the night before. Domestic goddess, I am.


I had some leftover cabbage from a batch of nilaga I made last month, and after pulling away a few nasty leaves, the thing was still good. Gotta love cabbage -- cheap, delicious, and keeps well. My kind of vegetable. So after browning the chop in olive oil and butter and setting aside, I threw in another small pat of butter and added the cabbage to the pan.

roasted baby carrots

Meanwhile, some baby carrots that were starting to go bad in the fridge (are you noticing a "meals-made-with-almost-rotten-food" theme to this blog?) were a-roastin' in the oven, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

pork chop dinner

Ta-daa! Juicy (!!!) pork chop, buttery cabbage, and sweet roasted carrots. Nothing incredibly special, but it made me quite happy. The pork chop was a perfect single serving, as was the cabbage. And the leftover roasted carrots I enjoyed just a few minutes before writing this post, with a generous squeeze of lemon.


  1. Well done! Seriously, this looks fantastic, and I loved reading your thoughts - made me laugh out loud for all of us who have sniffed and pulled at things leftover in the fridge, trying to prolong their shelf life. :)

  2. You are a domestic goddess! That looks so good! Any tips on cooking pork chops or other meat? I am really timid myself.

  3. Actually, I like "meals-made-with-almost-rotten-food"! I mean, doesn't it give you a sense of accomplishment from not actually letting them totally rot? =)

  4. shanna - thanks! i'm glad i'm not alone when it comes to leftover veggies in the fridge.

    alisa - haha, thanks! i am definitely not a domestic goddess, though -- if only you could see my apartment right now! i'm also definitely not a meat expert, but i'd say since pork chops are a lot like chicken, they're a good stepping stone for beginners.

    ts - you're so right! putting together a meal with almost-rotten food is like a puzzle sometimes, and finding a combination that works is pretty satisfying (and yummy!).

  5. theres a bunch of mold growing on a piece of bread in my kitchen. if i put some mustard on it, can i eat it?

  6. vik - yes. and if add potato chips to the sandwich and you won't even notice the mold. mmm...potato chip and mustard sandwiches. reminds me of college...

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  8. Searched "pork cabbage carrots" in google and ended up here.

    And i'm glad I did! I'm so trying this out tonight.


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