I did not make this banana bread.

My mom did. About a month ago.

mom's banana bread

I don't know how to make banana bread.
I don't have a recipe to share with you.

mom's banana bread

The crusty top is my favorite part.
And the bits of pineapple.

mom's banana bread

I just wanted to post a picture of a sliced loaf of homemade bread on my blog.

That's all.


  1. (a) I love banana bread.
    (b) The crusty top is one of the things I love most.
    (c) Besides the fact that it's almost 1:30 in the morning and my stomach is already growling, you go and post this. Good thing for you, I made a banana cake (quasi-loaf) yesterday.

    Very good thing.

  2. AHHH! You MUST learn to make banana bread. It is the ultimate comfort food! (and not difficult at all)

  3. Mmm I love banana bread but I've never tried one with pineapple in it - must do that! My brother made a banana bread recently and it was delicious - so moist. Strangely though, I don't like the crusty top - I always chop it off, like taking the crust off a sandwich!

  4. shanna - i wish my mom would let me just lop off the entire crusty top and eat it. but i have to share. :(

    joie de vivre - i know. i should probably learn to bake something. anything. it's getting embarrassing.

    katie - i'll take them!

  5. I love banana bread - eating and making it :) It's really really easy! I hope you give it a try :)

    I have never made one with pineapple...will add some next time...sounds perfect!


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