Jenny's chocolate chip cookies.

chocolate chip cookies.

When it comes to cookies, I'm a simple kind of gal. Please: No frosting, no sprinkles, no berries, and absolutely no nuts or raisins.

Oh my. I just realized that I am one of those picky eaters that I always want to shake by the shoulders and say, "What is wrong with you? Open your eyes! Expand your horizons! You're missing out on so much!" Except I'm not picky with vegetables, or exotic foods, or meat. I'm a picky cookie-eater.

chocolate chip cookie dough balls

It's not that I won't try different cookies. Or that I don't like different cookies. I'm just not going to get excited over an oatmeal-cranberry-walnut cookie, or a peanut butter surprise cookie, or even a pumpkin whoopie pie. I'll maybe take a few pictures, and try a cookie or even two, but that's about it.

chocolate chip cookie dough balls

So when Jenny asks what kind of cookies she should bake, my requests are usually the same: Sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies. Or brownies. (OK, I'm aware that brownies aren't cookies, but I just really like brownies. And Jenny can make cookies that taste just like brownies! We call them...are you ready for it? Brownie cookies.)

Since Jenny really likes cookies, and has a really big cookie book with tons of new, creative, non-boring cookie recipes, my constant pleas for sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies aren't often fulfilled. But when they are, you better believe the whole world knows about it. And by the whole world, I mean, well...people of the Internetz. That would be you.

chocolate chip cookies

For me, the perfect chocolate chip cookies are crisp-chewy on the outer rim, soft-chewy on the inside, with lots and lots of melty chocolate chips throughout. I think I really realized Jenny's chocolate chip cookies were my all-time favorite when I received them in a care package in college (along with Mom's homemade beef jerky). Man, that was awesome. Perfectly chewy, perfect amount of chips, all made with sisterly looooove.


  1. Man, these look awesome. LOVE the pics with the ice cream scooper. The way it should be done. YUM.

  2. Don't ever worry about this sisterly cookie love ending! You might have just earned yourself a batch a brownies next time I see you...

  3. Well it was worthwhile being picky on this recipe, seems to me they are perfect looking.

  4. shanna - gotta love the classics. i think that scooper is actually a special cookie dough scooper. my sister is obsessed with it -- one of those kitchen tools that makes a gal squeal with delight. you know the ones.

    j - helllllls yeahhhhh. brownie points! quite literally.

    parker - thanks! i stopped by your blog and love all your fresh, simple recipes. i'll be trying some out soon!


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