Giving thanks.

I'll be honest with you: I wasn't horribly excited about Thanksgiving this year.

Maybe it was because the food wasn't particularly new or exciting -- with the exception of one dish and the dessert, we were having the same menu as last year.

Or maybe because it was another holiday without my sister and brother-in-law and niece in California. We all miss them.
turkey rub.

But once we gathered around the kitchen, and the pie crust was rolled out and hands were covered in butter and the sizzle of garlic hit the pan, all the excitement came back.
mom and dad.
a good meal.
Because how could you not get excited about a holiday that focuses merely on comfort and company and one large, relaxing meal to kick of the chaos of the holidays?
it's beginning.
And so it begins.

[For non-food food photos of my Thanksgiving, visit my photo blog, Simply Jack. For all of my Thanksgiving photos, visit my Flickr.]


  1. Seriously magazine-worthy photos here and your family is beautiful.

  2. Oh my Shannalee is right!
    This post totally describes my heart right now. We are going out to get our tree today.
    I love everything Christmas.
    And your pictures tell a great story of Thanksgiving.

  3. Your Thanksgiving looks lovely! I wasn't excited for Thanksgiving this year either, I felt like it kinda snuck up on me...then it was here and I cherished the time with family! Great photos!

  4. We make the same recipes every year - it's part of our family tradition. In fact, recently we've started going to my Great-Aunt's house, where they have totally different foods, so we just make our own traditional recipes the day after Thanksgiving :-) (wow, that was a long run-on!)

    In other news, we have that same white casserole with the little blue flowers! It was my grandma's, and we use it for our sweet potatoes with marshmallows!

  5. shanna - you are too nice. thank you!

    celeste - oh, how exciting! i can't believe it's the holidays already. and i love it, too.

    letmeeatcake - yes, it's tough to not get excited about thanksgiving once all that food and family is together! thanks for the sweet comment!

    kim - i love random connections through casserole dishes. :) and two thanksgivings doesn't sound bad at all. i think you're on to something...

  6. Jacqui, you are seriously rocking that camera. Third from the bottom and third from the top are my faves. Just beautiful.

  7. jess - hmmm...why am i not surprised that your favorites involve baking and sweets? :) thanks again for your nice comments!


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