What I'll be eating on my wedding day.

I'm trying hard not to focus too many posts on wedding plans, because I really don't want to bore you with all the nitty gritty details and after all, this is a food blog, not a wedding blog. But since my spare moments have become consumed with making appointments for dress shopping and confirming times for menu tastings and gathering addresses for save-the-dates and putting together a wedding website, well, it's really all I have to talk about right now. So a wedding post is what you get.

Let's rewind a bit. Did I mention a menu tasting up there? Oh yes I did.

When you're planning a wedding in Michigan and you live in Illinois, things can get a bit complicated. The time difference, for example. Though the lake house where the ceremony and reception will take place is a mere three hours away from where we live, it's in a whole different time zone. So when I make an appointment for a menu tasting at 12:30, we're really meeting at 11:30, which means salmon, beef, and bacon-wrapped shrimp for breakfast. Not that I'm complaining.

wedding menu tasting!

One thing the caterer mentioned as we had our morning supper was that at many weddings, the waitstaff ends up clearing away full plates from the bride and groom. As in, the bride and groom don't even get a chance to eat. And I understand that it's a big day and all and there are hundreds of people to say hello to and photos to be taken and all of that but I promise you one thing: I will be eating at my wedding. As long as there is grilled salmon marinated in lemon and thyme, perfectly tender and juicy beef tenderloin, roasted rosemary potatoes, and those lovely grilled veggies in front of me, please don't disturb me. A bride needs to eat, ya know.

wedding menu tasting!

In other wedding updates, we're planning on putting up a big white tent next to the house, with white paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and tables decorated with apples, baby's breath, and candles held in mason jars. We're thinking of holding the ceremony at the dock, with a perfect view of sparkling water and autumn-tinted trees and (please please please!) blue skies.

These visions are simply jumbled images floating around my head right now, and in the dreary gray of November, can be somewhat difficult to see clearly. But it's all coming together, and with the amount of work already put into it, I just hope I get a chance to stop and breathe in and appreciate it all once the big day comes -- from every forkful of my meal to each glowing candle to his smile when we say "I do."


  1. I also issued the edict that I would be EATING at my wedding. Best decision I made and I'm so glad I stuck to it. I flatly refused to get up for photos or to say hello or anything while I was eating and everyone was cool with it. Do it. Just be sure your dress isn't too tight. I only got halfway through my entree before it felt like my ribs were puncturing my expanding stomach.

  2. Jacqui,
    Your wedding plans sound amazing! I can totally understand your wanting to eat on your wedding, especially with such good food around. I felt the same way, but, on the day of the wedding we hardly ate anything! Our staff was nice enough to pack it to go for us though, so we ended up eating our filet and stuffed shrimp after everyone left!

  3. AH! I am so excited for you! And can I just say that if you're the one doing the planning, I already know everything is going to be fantastic. PS the food looks wonderful.

  4. Aw, I teared up just a bit. Your wedding sounds like it's going to be beautiful, relaxed, and so much fun!

  5. Your wedding menu looks good. I agree, a bride needs to eat!

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  7. There are some events in our lives that's is impossible not to talk about them!
    You'll see when you'll become a mom, I used to stop reading when a girl changed mood to start to talk as a mom to be, but now I'm doing the same... ough!
    The best thing is that food surrounds all nice and important events in our life : )
    Great place and good food!!

    *I made a wrong click and I deleted my previous comment, anyway, it said the same : )

  8. eej - oh yeah, comfy dress is a must. in fact, i'm going shopping for my dress tomorrow!

    antonietta - oh that was so nice of the staff to wrap it up for you! i think we get to keep the leftovers (whatever we can fit in the fridge!), so even if i don't get to eat at my wedding, i'll be eating plenty of salmon and beef afterward!

    shanna - the planning is (kind of) the easy part. it's execution that i sometimes have trouble with. thanks for you sweet comment, as always!

    kim - you're too sweet. thank you!

    foodtraveldiva - yes, especially THIS bride! :)

    190.arch - oh i love your mom-to-be photos on flickr! i couldn't agree with you more about food surrounding those special events -- it's so much a part of celebration!

  9. I keep on being told that as the bride, I won't get to eat. To heck with that! I'm totally eating, especially if we're catering barbecue. Some things you just don't mess with, right?


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