Biscuits and gravy. And a new year!

I had big plans for today. I was going to kick off the new year with a new challenge: to bake. And I was going to write my first post of 2010 about baking and share with you my feat, my triumph, my new-found sweet tooth that I never knew I had.

But. As New Year's Days often go, I got home very late last night (and by last night, I mean early morning, but who's really paying attention to these things when on vacation, anyway?) and didn't wake up until 1:30 this afternoon. Which still gave me plenty of time to bake with plenty of daylight to take photos of the final product. Except that I lazed around a bit before finally getting dressed, going to the store to get confectioners sugar and baking soda, and by the time I got home -- whoops! it was after 3, and the day was quickly getting darker, and I still hadn't made breakfast.

So I made breakfast. And I didn't bake.

new year's breakfast.

With all of the new-and-exciting that's coming along with 2010 -- Learn to bake! Get married! Taking photos! My sister's wedding! A new niece! Honeymoon! -- it's good to know that even though this year will be life-changing, some things will just never change. When forced to choose between baking and breakfast, I will always choose breakfast. That's all there is to it.

I've been wanting to blog about biscuits and gravy for a long time, but I could just never take a good photo of the dish. I hate to say it, but it's just plain ugly. Greasy, lumpy, colorless, ugly. Even pretty plates didn't help. I was about ready to give up. But today, new camera (yay!) in hand and the last of the day's natural light coming through the window, I took on the challenge. I think I did alright. And even if I didn't, it was still damn tasty.


I don't have an exact recipe to share with you because I don't follow one. I use store-bought flaky biscuits, the kind that you pop out of a canister, and 1 pound of sage-flavored breakfast sausage. While baking the biscuits according to package directions, I brown and break up the sausage in a pan, then add about 1/4 cup of flour and stir to coat. Then I pour in milk a few glugs at a time until the gravy reaches the right consistency. We like ours not too thick, not too thin. You know, just right.

Happy new year!


  1. I love biscuits and gravy but have never had the courage to make it. Idk, it just looks complicated - anything with gravy or sauce does to me but you make it seem so simple. So, I'm gonna give it a shot because now I'm hungry for biscuits and gravy and your photos look so DELICIOUS!

  2. hector - oh, let me know how they turned out! it really is so simple. and thank you!

  3. Happy New Year! Sounds like it is going to be a busy one for you! I too love those biscuits from the can, so simple so delicious!

  4. letmeeatcake - happy new year to you, too! those biscuits are great, and i'm not ashamed to admit it!


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