What I've been thinking about.

I have something to show you.


I've been taking all these pictures of food and not telling you about it. I hope you don't mind. There's no recipes to go with them, or stories long enough to make a complete blog post. Just the photos. Images of food, captured through a lens, a lens I'm trying very desperately to learn.

I guess you could say that's where I've been -- that's what might explain my pathetic posting schedule around these parts lately. Taking pictures, and posting them elsewhere. Some of them don't even have to do with food. Like these.

Do you like them? Would you like to see more of them? Because here's the thing: I'm thinking about merging my photo blog and my food blog into one big...photo and food blog. Which means that Happy Jack Eats wouldn't be just about eating, but also about the simple beauties I find in everyday life.

mom's threads.

When I started this food blog, I never thought I'd find a new interest in photography. But I got used to pulling out my camera whenever I sat down to eat, and pretty soon I started pulling out my camera whenever I saw a pretty flower, or the sky turned a certain shade of purple, or the light hit the table just so. I also never thought that blogging would start to feel like a chore, an obligation, and I certainly never wanted it to. I just wanted it to be an outlet for me. A way to explore, and learn, and grow.

I started my photo blog for my new venture into photography, but really, I don't think the two should be separate anymore. I don't want to feel guilty about neglecting one space because I'm nurturing another. And so here I am, and I need your opinion. I don't want to do anything I might regret, after all, since the last time I messed around behind the scenes, I nearly deleted the entire blog.

I'll still keep the Happy Jack Eats address, and once I figure out if merging the two even works (won't that be awkward if it doesn't?), you'll see the same blog here, speckled with posts from here.

Let me know what you think? Because you've been reading and sharing and motivating and inspiring me through it all. Thank you for that.


  1. do it. i've merged my travel/restaurant review blog with my regular food/craft blog. i'm contemplating merging my photography blog too.

    since you're on blogger, it's def. doable. export the blog you want to move and import it to the blog you want it at.

    i've also been finding blogging to be a chore, almost dreading having to come up with a post. so i've scaled it back to 1-2 posts/week, with very very very minimal words. and i've been going back to basics with my cooking, doing lots of repeat dishes that i've already blogged about. i wonder if this a phase or just the beginning of an end for my blogging.

  2. Oh, totally do it! I love blogs that have more than one interest and I think most of your viewers are interested in both subjects, so even better to have them all in one! I'm so into your photog now that I've been following your 365, so it'll certainly be fun for me, at least. :D

  3. I love your pictures and I love your words, and I can't think of anything better than putting them all in one place because, honestly, they are both YOU.

  4. i adore your photos. all of them. it's what makes your blog your own. i've found myself doing the same thing on my blog lately -- or at least doing it once or twice, but wanting to do it a lot more. whatever makes us happy, right? and believe me, your readers will be happy with whatever you post because in the end, your photos are incredible.



  5. I say do it, just do it.

    Multi-interest blogs are a lot more rewarding to read and browse, at least for me. While I love the food, the recipes and the words associated with all that circles around a meal, to have some insight into a person's life and the way they see the world is a lot more intriguing.

    Please do it.

  6. I love both...and I read both through my Google Reader, so I honestly would probably not even notice if the two were merged, because I would still see all the posts in one place. As long as you don't stop posting photos, and all the other good stuff as well, in a way that is easy and fun for you, I'll be a happy camper.

  7. Do it! People can go to any blog and just read about food or just look at photos. People go to your blog because they like you, your voice, your perspective, the way you see things, and the way you enjoy the senses. That is not going to be lost by merging the sites--in fact, they'll just complement one another and give everyone a richer sense of who you are.

  8. hey! thanks all so much for you encouraging comments and for giving me that extra nudge.

    angry asian - don't think of it as a beginning of an end. but if you're really not enjoying it, then i say just try to focus on the things that you do enjoy? that's the great thing about a blog -- it's not a job. we don't have to do it if we don't want to. it can be whatever we want it to be.

    robin - oh how i love p365. my everyday photos aren't always the greatest, but it's the getting there part that's fun, and sharing an image that summarizes just one day of the year. every day, i realize just how long a year is. that's a lot of pictures!

    shanna - thanks for being here with me, cheering me on the whole way. and for being my blog twin. :)

    heather - thank you so much! i hope you guys are happy with how this blog unfolds.

    kate - i agree about the multi-interest blogs. when i first started reading blogs, i only liked food blogs and thought the other stuff just got in the way at times. which was what i was afraid of for this space. but now it just makes sense for all of it to tie in together somehow. thank you!

    kim - thanks! i promise i won't stop posting photos!

    jenny - thanks for being one of my favorite photo subjects, and for putting up with my click-click-clicks everywhere we go, and for buying me muffin tins. :)

  9. I guess I'm the only one who feels this way, but its the food that brings me to your blog, and the pix of the food. Your other photos are very pretty and quite well done, but I just don't think I'd be inclined to click on a post if it wasn't food related. Just my 2 cents--do what you want to do--its your life!

  10. thanks for you input, mitch, and it is much appreciated! i was afraid that a lot of readers would feel the same way you do. i am going to go with the merge, however, just because it feels right for this space to grow as i start to branch out, also. i hope you will still continue to drop by and share your thoughts on food posts! trust me, there will certainly not be a drop in food photos around these parts. it is, after all, my favorite subject -- whether writing about or photographing!


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