these were taken in december.
winter is still going strong.


  1. After waking up to 4* without windchill factored in, I'm starting to regret asking for winter to come back after the thaw a week ago. But it's still pretty, isn't it?

  2. so, so pretty. makes me nostalgic for chicago winters.

  3. caitlin - yes, at least it's pretty. i keep telling myself that.

    giao - thank you! but it's 7 degrees here right now. still missing chicago? :)

  4. these are so pretty, jacqui. film, right? :)

    i'm feeling a bit so-so about winter recently. yes, the snow is beautiful (other than on the sidewalks or streets, where it's just turned plain dirty), but i still can't wait for spring. on the plus side - recently, days have been getting noticably longer. looking up!


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