scenes from my sister's house
in california
where there is a curly-haired girl
who loves princesses
and a lemon tree
which i still can't believe
just grows
right there.


  1. I loved seeing these on Flickr, but they're particularly nice curated this way, one after the other, in this space. Looking forward to more.

  2. jess and shanna - thank you! btw, you ladies are great.

  3. These posts are so fabulous, from the beautiful photos to the beautiful words.

    Also, you have the best-looking tousled bed pictures ever.

  4. Wow. The one with the crown really gets to me. Totally brings me back to the sensation of childhood. Love the hazy shadows of the bush on the wall. Especially love how it's taken at children's level.

  5. kim - thank you so much! and about the beds -- it's gotten to the point where i just can't resist taking a picture! haha but i love how even though it's the same scene every time, it's so so not. ya know?

    j - oh i didn't even think about the child's eye view! i just crouched down because that was the best angle for light! thanks lizzie. :)

  6. I love that top photo. glad to find you on flickr and in blogland.

  7. thanks, tim! just visited your blog and flickr - gorgeous! glad to have found your work, as well. :)


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