this is my holga
and the pictures i took with it
over the summer.
here in chicago
right now
there's a blizzard on the way.
so it was a nice surprise
to pick up this roll of film today
and see blue skies
and sunshine.


  1. nice surprise, indeed! beautiful!

  2. What a fun toy! I found your blog over from FoodLoves Writing and love your photos!

  3. these are so, so beautiful! it's making me want to use my holga - but i can't find anywhere that develops the film. :(

  4. shanna - i have a feeling this holga is full of surprises.

    shokoofeh - thank you!

    maris - glad you stopped by! isn't food loves writing great?

    hannah - oh that was the whole reason mine was collecting dust, til i found the only lab in the area that will process 120 film. i was about to go to walmart though -- i hear they can send out 120 film but it takes about 2 weeks...worth a try! and thank you!


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