california on film.
by the way,
if you ever visit citizen cake patisserie
in hayes valley,
the ginger sandwich cookie
is the way to go.


  1. OK, duly noted. And beautiful pics!

  2. you can pass the plate over here please...just a nibble, i promise.

  3. shanna - oh gosh, you'd love everything about sf.

    char - sure! would you like some pudding pop, a s'more brownie, or a ginger cookie? :)

  4. i make a stop at citizen cake everytime i visit Sf i absolutely adore it. Breakfast lunch dinner or a snack they have the best food!

  5. I love these photos. The plateful at the nice.

  6. letmeeatcake - oh i so wish we would've had time to have food there! but the desserts were a fun treat.

    amuse-bouche - thank you!

  7. i could say this about a number of your latest posts, but i love ginger cookies so its going here... your photography has been SO great as of late, I've totally seen a growth in your skilz, nice job little lady!

  8. sara - thank you sooooo much! a year ago, i never thought i'd have so many cameras and love chasing light so much!


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