a few images of summer in the city
while today, outside, there is snow.


  1. oh, this is so nice. it gives me hope! we will see days like these again!

  2. Hey, you crazy Holga girl. Thanks for the taste of summer. Hope you're staying warm this weekend.

  3. Love the pics, and especially your new header with the lemons! So summery!!

  4. it's raining hard tonight in our area. hoping for pretty cherry blossoms on weekends. and ofcourse other Spring bulbs flowers. :)

  5. shanna - dare i say it? is spring here to stay...?

    char - thankfully, it melted away the very next day. yes!

    antonietta - oh, thank you! i <3 lemons.

    ms. p - oh i cannot wait for greenery and flowers around here. can. not. wait.

  6. jess - don't know how it happened, but i completely missed your comment! so now, five days later, i say to you: Have a good weekend!


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