Italian and Indonesian in Mexico.

About that vacation in Mexico...Let's just dive right into the food, shall we?


So you might have already guessed that I took a lot of pictures on the trip. But even with all that beautiful beach and blue sky and palm trees and smiling faces and iguanas, I found myself enjoying snapping shots at the dinner table the most. After a long day of sun and water and drinks, we'd get all cleaned up and refreshed and find each other at one of the many restaurants at the resort. It was like a dinner party every night with the people you love the most, in a beautiful setting with all the food you could ask for. People, this was my kind of vacation.

You know, as opposed to the kind of vacation with lots of sight seeing and cultural activities and exploring, which I also love, don't get me wrong. But this was more of a relaxing trip, when everything is taken care of and there are no prices on the menus and the only decision you have to make is whether to eat Mexican food or sushi? Steak or seafood? Indonesian or Italian? Yes, this resort had all of these restaurants and more, and I ate at all of them. And more.

Pictured above: Italian. There was Caprese salad, antipasti, risotto, beef carpaccio, and seafood pasta. Pictured below: Indonesian, with lumpia, samosas, pad thai, and sweet and sour duck.

One night, when we couldn't make a decision, we ate one dinner early and a second dinner later. We even got overly ambitious and planned on ordering late-night room service before bed, but we ended up passing out in a food coma. Such is life when on vacation in Mexico.


  1. I so relate. Everywhere I go, I find myself taking photos of the food most! These shots are all beautiful.

  2. And now I want to go to Mexico. Dangit. To me, pictures of the everyday are the most beautiful, and how much more mundane yet beautiful can you get than the food you eat?

  3. The food looks amazing! Wow, that must have been a great hotel you stayed in.

  4. shanna - thank you! i wish i traveled more -- taking photos in a new place is so fun!

    caitlin - amen. to all of it.

    nicole - oh it was gorgeous! if you ever want to go to an all-inclusive resort in riviera maya, the valentin imperial maya is gorgeous! amazing rooms, food, beach, pool, everything.


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