Welcome to Mexico.

Whew. I hope you're ready for a whole lot of Mexico, because that's where I've been for the past eight days and seven nights, and we've got a ton of catching up to do. Are you ready?


Eight days and seven nights. It's funny how vacations work, especially long ones, which I haven't been on in quite a while. Three day weekends are just enough for a good rest and refuel, but a whole week? That's settling into a whole new way of life, and when that new way of life is in Mexico, it's pretty hard to go back to the old way. I'm still adjusting. This morning I realized that there is no breakfast buffet in my kitchen, and my shoulders slumped just a bit. Tonight, I buried my face in the sarong I had been wearing all week, and I smelled beach and pool and salt water and sun in a single deep breath, and I exhaled a sigh of longing. I miss Mexico.

And yesterday, at the airport, I thought of all the cooking I would have to do when I got home, and the meal planning and the grocery shopping and the recipe searching, and I won't lie to you: I scrunched my face a little and declared I was not looking forward to it. Not when I had been fed like this all week long.

I suppose I should tell you where we were, and why. My entire family was at the Valentin Imperial Maya All-Inclusive Resort just outside of Playa del Carmen in Mexico. We watched my sister get married on the beach to the man she has loved for the last 10 years, and we celebrated all week long.

So I hope you don't mind, but the next several posts (and perhaps the next several after) will be dedicated to Mexico. There will be food, faces, and ocean. Meanwhile, I'll be transitioning back to reality, and eventually I'll remember that being served and pampered in a different country is all fine and good, but I really do belong here, creating and living.

You can see my Mexico photo collection, in progress, at Flickr.


  1. yay, you're back! i completely understand your current mindset so until you start with the creating again, i'll just soak in your mexico pix

  2. ahhhh! I have been looking forward to this so much, and your pictures/descriptions are even better than I expected. I have never wanted to go to Mexico more. Can't wait for more of this!

  3. I don't mind at all! I'm in desperate need of a vacation and I plan on living vicariously through you until I get my own :)

  4. lan - thanks! going through all my mexico pics is making me miss it more!

    shanna - you're so nice. and a week in mexico is definitely a vacation i would recommend!

    nicole - i hope you get yours soon! you'll have an amazing time.

  5. Congratulations to your sister - what a cool way to celebrate a wedding! And by the way? Sooo jealous :)

  6. caitlin - it was seriously the best wedding ever. by the end of the week, at the reception, everyone on both sides had spent time together and knew each other and it was just a happy good time.


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