for eight days and seven nights
i actually lived here.


  1. I need more information about this place. I want to go to there.

  2. Ok nevermind. Read previous post. Know where it is. Still want to go to there.

  3. You are absolutely killing me with these pictures! I really want to go some place warm and beachy, but I found a great deal for 8 days in paris and london. What to do??

  4. kim - ha! well, the resort is called valentin imperial maya, located near cancun and playa del carmen. i highly recommend this place!

    hector - thanks!

    nicole - ohh paris and london sounds great, too! don't worry -- the beach isn't going anywhere! :)

  5. You haven't posted anything new in over a week.: ( Stop resting on your Mexico trip laurels and get back to doing what you do best; taking amazing and delicious looking pictures and writing in that oh so distinct, brilliant, and sexy voice that you have. Give your gracious audience what we want, MORE POSTS! Your blog is the best!!!...and your fiance is a lucky man. Congrats. : ) ( Don't worry I'm soon to be married too, not a creep )
    Long live HappyJack! One of my favorite places (people) on the web!

  6. i want to see more - hi murdo. i love you, too.


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