about me.

Hi! I'm Jacqui, writer and photographer at Happy Jack Eats. I started this blog as a space to share the many pictures of food that I found myself taking, as well as a chance to do what I've always loved to do: write. After a year and a half of eating, cooking, writing, and taking photos, I started discovering things I never set out to learn, appreciating things I never noticed before, and connecting with people I've never met.

Now, I stop to take pictures of simple moments. I have a new love for photography, both film and digital, and the cameras that capture such moments. I am learning how to bake. I roast every vegetable I can get my hands on. And I share it all with you.

In the real world, I'm a 20-something copywriter living in the suburbs of Chicago with my fiance husband, Murdo, and a brown cat named Tim. My camera collection is slowly growing -- until September of 2009, all my photos were taken with my trusty point-and-shoot, a Canon PowerShot SD1000. Then I got my hands on a Minolta SRT 201 film camera, and Christmas of 2009 I got a Canon Rebel XSi. I also have a Holga, a Yashica Lynx 1000, a Pentax K1000, and a Canon AE-1 Program. We're all good friends.

Welcome to Happy Jack Eats. I hope you like it here.