Renaissance Faire 2008. Huzzah!

Located in Bristol, WI. This year I experienced my first Renaissance Faire with Murdo, Jenny, Terry, and Jerry. We saw wench cleavage, chain mail bikinis, and elephants. But the best part was the eats. Food highlights:

Garlic butter mushrooms. Even mushroom-haters love 'em. Just ask Murdo...

The slow-roasted giant turkey leg was easily a pound and a half of bird.

It was kind of dry, so I pumped some bbq sauce on it. Still couldn't finish it. But what's a Ren Faire without a giant turkey leg?

Honorable mentions: onion rings, butterfly potatoes, $1 sassafras.

Next year's Ren Faire to-eat list includes whatever fried food was in those newspaper cones, and the vegetable tempura. And maybe the curly fries. Because I love curly fries. Can't wait!

I'll end my first post with a photo of two sexy wenches:


  1. I must thank you for not posting my angry turkey leg picture. But mmmm....renn fair....


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