Sandwich and the City.

Murdo makes Delicious Sandwiches. And I love eating them for lunch.

Sandwich in Millenium Park

Today's Delicious Sandwich made by Murdo included ham, turkey, muenster cheese, tomato, lettuce, Gulden's spicy brown mustard, red onion, and a hard boiled egg. The egg was per my request; Murdo thought it was gross but agreed to add it if I made it. He understands my obsession with eggs -- I even add them to Ramen noodles for instant egg snot noodle soup.

Grape tomatoes

Juicy grape tomatoes from the Farmer's Market!


I had some Jay's Salt 'n Sour chips for a crunchy kick.

Let me explain why Murdo's sandwiches are so delicious: He layers each ingredient just so for a perfect mouthful in every bite. He criss crosses the lettuce for maximum crisp. He very thinly slices the red onion so it's not too strong. The mustard is always evenly spread. The bread is never soggy. And the last bite is just as clean, refreshing, and tasty as the first.

Sandwich and the city!

I ate my sandwich at Millenium Park under a tree. Lunches with Delicious Sandwiches are the best by far. Thanks, Murdo! Love you. <3


  1. To Murdo:
    I will happily make you more oatmeal bars if you make me sandwiches. Even trade, ya?

  2. Hey! Quit trying to steal my sandwich chef!


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