I ate this cheeseburger and it was amazing.

Eat. Me. Now.

That's right. I mean, just look at the thing. The colors alone are making me drool -- from the golden, lightly toasted and buttery potato bun to the subtle pink tints of that juicy juicy patty. JUICY. So juicy that the bottom bun is just slightly soggy, but still strong and firm enough to keep this bad boy stable from start to finish. Oh and I finished it, all right.

I heard about this new burger place in the loop when it first opened sometime over the summer. Marc Burger, located in the Seven on State food court at Macy's, and a five-minute walk from my office. While I'm a die-hard burger-lover through and through, I'm also a frugal luncher. Which is why it took me nearly three months to try this burger -- spending $10 on work lunch is just not my style.

But this cheeseburger was quite worth it. Worth braving the labyrinth of department store hell that is Macy's. Worth the $9.48 I forked over for a burger, seasoned fries, coleslaw, and pickles. Worth the ten to fifteen minutes spent waiting in line for my order. Worth all of it.

Let me get back to the juicy. The Marc Burger's "thing" is the all-natural Black Angus ground beef that makes up every patty. Now I'm going to be honest with you: When it comes to burgers, the fixings are just as important to me as the hamburger itself. Maybe even a bit more important; I'm not one to eat a burger with nothing on it. But the Marc Burger is all about the juicy. The tomato, pickle, red onion, cheese, and mustard are just lucky to even be on the same bun as such a juicy, delicious, perfectly-cooked hamburger. The juicy is what really amazed me in the end.

Marc Burger at Seven on State.

Quite possibly the best burger I've had in a very long time. And I eat a lot of burgers.


  1. can't be better than kuma's.... or can it???

  2. you crack me up. I am SO with you on the frugal lunches, but this $10 burger looks totally worth it. YUM!

  3. ryan - i've never been there before! i'm dying to go, though. any place that serves a chicago-style hot dog on a burger and calls it "the goblin cock" has gotta be good.

    shanna - i do love my veggies, but it's burgers like this one that make me know for sure i could never go vegetarian!

  4. WHAT??!?!?! i am seriously doubting your devotion to burgerdom... YOU HAVE TO GO!! Pretzel rolls + amazing toppings + great meat + great beer FTW

  5. i had to look up ftw. now that i know what it means, i will definitely go to kuma's.

    i am a n00b, and you are so 1337.

  6. you are right, i am teh leetzorz


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