I could eat Nilaga all day long.

And I did.


I grew up on Filipino food and leftovers. My mom would always make enough food to feed everyone, with more to last for the next few days -- whether for baon (pronounced "bah-ohn" and which basically means a packed lunch) or the next night's dinner.

Sometimes dinner would be several different leftover meals that had no business being eaten together: Chicken adobo from Tuesday night in one dish, pancit brought home from a weekend party in another, and the rest of those frozen honey barbecue buffalo wings we had heated up for lunch that day. It's not even uncommon for my family to serve leftover fish reheated in Tupperware alongside the turkey and cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner. I don't think we've ever not had leftovers in the fridge at my house. Ever.

And I'm thankful for that. Because now I hate wasting food, and I'm always willing to bring leftovers for lunch, and sometimes I even look forward to reheated meals. I mean, we all love going back for seconds. But leftovers allow us to go back for thirds and fourths. Sure, maybe it's the next day, but there's just some meals that we can't get enough of.

For me...well, I have many favorites that I could eat over and over again. Nilaga is just one of them. Last time I made nilaga, I added carrots for color. This time, not a lot of color. But still delicious. So tasty, I ate it for dinner last night, then again for breakfast and lunch today.


That's right, I ate this stuff for breakfast. And after I finished off the rest for lunch, I still wanted more. Hey, Murdo rarely eats leftovers, and I can't be wasteful. Right?


  1. It looks delicious all right, this nilaga. I giggled when you said you served leftovers along with turkey -- because I thought we were the only ones to do that (serve leftovers with new food). I must admit it bothers me somewhat, but at least now I know we aren't alone. ;)

  2. When I lived with my parents we always had leftovers in the fridge! All your leftover stories ring a bell with me :)

    Nice looking nilaga!

  3. eatingclub and chichajo - good to know others share in my leftover experiences!


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