Flowers and Walker Bros. and winter in April.

It snowed here today.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours looking at flowers, very few flowers, most of them just babies taking a peek from below. It was a chilly day, warm in the sun and blue in the sky, and I longed for spring.

And then it just had to go and snow. I'm not surprised. If you can believe it, I'm not that disheartened by it, either. Maybe because I've been expecting it all along. But mostly because it makes me appreciate days like yesterday, at the botanic gardens, with my family, after an afternoon of shopping and a late lunch.

Ahh. Lunch.

eggs benedict.

We went to Walker Bros., where I ordered eggs Benedict with spinach, mushrooms, crispy bacon bits, and a side of fruit and hash browns. It was perfect.


Jenny ordered chipotle chicken crepes with potato pancakes, and my parents shared a huge apple pancake.

apple pancake, destroyed.

I think I could live without winter altogether. Without the heavy boots, and the numb fingertips and faces, and the snow that just keeps falling and falling and falling. But then there are days like yesterday, that pop up here and there to remind us that yes, flowers and color and sunny skies do exist, and they'll come back to stay eventually. If I lived without winter, would I appreciate these days less? Would a sunny day with blue skies be just like any other day?

a late lunch at walker bros.

I'm not so sure. At this point, I feel like I've survived enough winter for me to appreciate a lifetime of warm weather -- every single day of it. I'm counting on May. I have high hopes for May. The comfort foods will just have to keep me warm for this one last stretch.

And then...