Mango and mixed-berry tart.

mango berry tart.
We ate this tart on Easter Sunday.

a beautiful mess
And my camera made love to it.

The photos have been sitting in a folder on my desktop since then.

berries meet mango.

berries loooooove mango.
A few days ago, I drafted a blog post with these pictures.

cinnamon sprinkling.
No words.

mango berry tart.
Because I don't know what to say about this tart
that the pictures don't already reveal.

hi, i'm a slice of tart, eat me.
My sister, Jenny, gets all the credit. I just watched, and ate, and sat back.

Easter Sunday dessert.


  1. Oh,to have my tart immortalized! You have such a great way with your pictures and words!

  2. Your camera certainly made love to it! It is gorgeous beyond words for sure!

  3. Om my gosh! Those look amazing!! You are a very lucky eater!

  4. Bravo! Beautiful photos and beautiful post too!

  5. thanks for all the lovely comments!

    jenny - you have a great way with desserts. i just take the pictures.

    sophie - sorry, i don't have the's from a pie and tart book that i got for my sister a while back. i'll get the title, though.


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